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Three Big Pieces Of The Puzzle

Now that the two track frames were done, it was time to attach them to the main frame. Steel sizes used start thicker at the bottom and go up from there. The track frames were a lot of 1/4" plate. The mid frame was about 3/16"-1/8". Upper frame was 1/8". And the body panels were 14 gauge. Might have been overkill but I didn't know how to use FEA at the time so I overbuilt it.

I had a friend come over to help so I tried to get a lot done why he was here. Therefore I didn't take many pictures.

I actually used my little table as a base since my welding table isn't flat. It worked out pretty well. Just looks kind of funny.

It was getting late so I stopped taking pictures. Not shown was attaching the upper frame to the lower section shown above.

Everything was take welded. Put it all together to make sure everything fits. I got to this point at 2am on 4/6/13

The next day, I put the body panels on. I was pretty damn excited at this point. This is almost a year and a half after I started building.