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Starting To Build The Plow

Now that I was happy with the design, it was time to start building again.

For the sake of time, I had most of the plate pieces cut out on a water jet. I like being able to make everything myself but free cutting with a torch and cleaning up with an angle grinder or even a mill takes a long time.
I was also not able to roll 11 gauge sheet 4' wide so I asked my brother in law to do it for me.
Welded together the upper pivot mounts. These mount to the underside of the frame.
Using my trusty fixture table, I started welding together the plow pivot frame.

You can see the rod that locates the pivots for the plow breakaway.

Using my trusty fixture table again. I need to get a bigger one.

Getting the plow sheet mocked up.
The angle iron is 1-1/2x1-1/2x1/8. The gussets are 1/4". And the plow sheet is 11 gauge.
I installed a replaceable cutting edge.
Here you can see the hydraulic cylinders for the lift and swivel.
There is a total of 50 degrees of swivel.
This is with the plow laying down.