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Finishing The Plow

The plow is pretty much done but there were a few more little details to finish.

This is how I lock the plow. When I want to plow snow, I remove those spacers and replace them with rubber bumpers. The springs I picked were a little weak. I purchased some stronger springs but they are longer. I need to tweak a few things to make them fit and I just haven't do it yet. I still plow with it locked but if I hit something, it's not fun.

You can see the springs that I tried in this fast forward picture.

Busted out the rotary table to make some more parts.

They were fun to make. Some could say it was a waste of time but I learned something new.
It is a blind pin hole. That's why I used these. I made a second one for the upper pin as well. 
I needed to limit the travel of the swivel cylinder. So I bought a piece of Delrin tube.
I had to limit both ways mainly because I didn't quite figure it out before I built it.

I had to do this to allow fluid to flow behind the piston. Otherwise the piece would block the flow. By the way, machining delrin is a lot of fun.
caterpillar mini dozer
Getting close.