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Porch Swing Build Part 2 - Main Frame

I had a rough idea in my head of the look and a target for size. So I got to work and designed it along the way. A departure from the dozer build but this is less complicated.

Started by bending some tubing.I used 3/4" square 0.060 wall for the frame.

Gave them a little arc.
Bent up the backs.
Already had my first mistake. Since I was going to use 2" tubing that I had for the cross tubes, I needed to recess them a bit so I wouldn't be sitting on the tube.
So I over bent it then bent it back. If that made any sense.
Used the roller again to bend a piece for the top of the seat back.

Notched the tubing. Another one of those on the fly design changes.
Main frame tack welded together.
For the sake of keeping the weight down a bit, I was going to use plywood for the seating surface since it's going to be covered with a cushion.

I made a quick bender (yet another tool) to wrap the slats around the front tube.

Not a finished picture but I ended up putting in 4 slats. I wrapped the pieces around both tubes using that tool and then welded them in.