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Porch Swing Build Part 1 - The Tools

Over the course of the dozer build, I occasionally took some time off so I wouldn't get frustrated or burnt out. Also had to keep up with things around the house so my awesome wife would continue to let me do such crazy things. A little less than a year in to the build, I put a porch on the front of our house. Wife always wanted one. It didn't take too long with the help of family. 

However, what kind of porch would it be if it didn't have a porch swing? And since I don't like buying things, I decided to make one. 

I got a few ideas online. I soon realized that I was going to need a few tools. 

I started off by making a ring roller. I had some scrap laying around as well as a bottle jack so I only had to buy bearings and a few bolts. 

Cut some bar stock for the rollers

Torch cut the side plates out of 1/4" plate
This step was unnecessary but I like a clean edge. Would have been a lot quicker with a cnc plasma table but I don't have one of those.....yet.
It is way over built. But that's how most things are because I never know what I may do in the future.

I didn't take a ton of pictures during the build but here it is.
First thing to do with a newly built ring roller is roller a wheel for it.
 Next up was a tool to bend square tubing.

I know I shouldn't use aluminum for a die but it's what I had in the size I needed and didn't plan to make too many bends.
I'm a little ashamed with what I used to hold the bender so I'm not going to show many pictures of that. It's just one of those brain fart moments. But it worked. And no tools were harmed in the process.
Last tool I needed was a metal twister. I had some crappy Harbor Freight impact sockets that cracked during the first use. Since they were 1/2" drive, they should work well.

Cutoff the part I needed in the bandsaw.

It's what you get for an $18 set of impact sockets.
I look back on this picture and I have no idea how I welded that in. It doesn't rotate.
The long tube is 1-1/2-.125. The outer is 2"-.25. The 2" piece has some feet welded to it and the 1-1/2" piece slides in and out.
I used another socket that fit the tubing I was using. I just welded a nut on a bar so I can rotate this socket.

The first test piece. It's four pieces of 1/4 round welded on the ends.
Now I had a whole mess of tools. Now it's time to build.