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Porch Swing Build Part 3 - Final Details

Now for the final details. Since I had an abundance of 2" 1/8 wall DOM I wanted to do something with "rings"

Set up the stop on the bandsaw and started cutting the rings.

With a new blade, it wasn't too bad. Ended up cutting 89 in total.

I tig welded them on what would become the back side.

45 rings for the back piece.
Framed it with some more 3/4" square tubing.
Trimmed the ends.
In place. You can also see the plywood seat bottom.
Across the top, I used a mixed of wire "rope" and some 1/2" square tubing turned to a 45.
I liked the rings so much I decided to use them to make arm rests. It took 22 rings for each arm rest on top of the 45 it took for the seat back.

I wrapped the rings with 1/2" x 1/8" flat stock.

I wanted to bend the end of it over for comfort. So I set up a quick fixture

I applied a little heat and they didn't distort too badly.

Quick check.

I needed some supports so I broke out the metal twister.
I left the pieces a little long.
And spread them out.
I made this up as I went and I thought it turned out pretty good. Then I repeated the other side (not shown)
Last thing to do is fill in the rest of the seat back. I rolled it in one piece so the arch would be the same. I guessed at what would be comfortable. More 3/4" 0.060 tubing.

Then I cut them up and spaced them equally.

I wanted to use the metal twister one last time. So I used some 1/2" bar stock and twisted it.
It took some force but I got it. And it was pretty warm when I was done.
I only did two because I wanted to keep the weight down. In the end, it only weighed 55lbs. I didn't think that was too bad. And since I built the porch, I already had a target in mind so the porch is built to handle this plus 2 people easily.
Took it out that night for a test fit. Yes, I know it was leaning. It was late and I was tired.

I simply spray painted it. I was going to have it powder coated but all of the rings are hard to get. It was recommended that I just paint it every couple of years. There really isn't much I can do to stop the rust. At least without spending a lot of money on e-coating or some type of dip. Also, I have since switched around the plywood to underneath the slats. That way the cushion covers it better.
 I am pretty happy with how it turned out. It's surprisingly comfortable to sit on. After this project was completed, it was back to the dozer project.