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Done. Repeat

Now that I knew my design was good (mainly, I could get the track on) it was time to start on the other one. Not much to show but I added a new tool to the mix. Made this one a little easier.

I picked up this t-slot table at a local surplus place. I didn't have t slots this small (I'll open them up later) so I drilled and tapped a bunch of holes. This thing has been very useful.
Welding on the motor mount block.

Drilled the start hole. I know those bits are expensive but they are nice. If you're patient on ebay, you can get an ok deal.
I was having some finishing issues with my surface cutter. I think it was a loose insert. Oh well, it functions as intended.
Welded on the rest of the bits using the new table.

Added some gussets.
Finished weldments. I added some d rings for tying it down to the trailer.
Track frames fully loaded.