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Time To Make Some Wheels

Next up was machining the tension wheel, two bogie wheels and the sprocket. Some have asked why I didn't just by the parts from a ditchwith. Well, the diameters were too small. It would not fit the scale of the project.

Used the new rotary table to do a clean up pass. The plasma did a nice job because it barely needed anything.
Also had to drill the axle hole.
Tilted the head of the mill and gave it a bevel. I eventually smoothed it over with a flap wheel.
Some asked why I didn't use the lathe for this. Well, my lathe was weak. And didn't like irregular surfaces to start. And using a new tool was fun.
Added the same bevel as the tensioner wheel.
Welded in the axle.
Setting up the sprocket for finish machining.
Had to finish the pilot bore. The hubs actually came from the old pumps. Surprisingly the taper was the same as the new Parker motors.
Finished bolt pattern.
Everything fit. Time to move onto the next one.