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Working On The Hydraulics

I laid out the hydraulic system for the plow a lot better than I did for the drives. Things went a lot smoother because of this.

Welding in the fix displacement pump mount.

Pump mounted with the hoses mocked up. Each circuit draws from the same tank but both systems have separate filters right before they lead into the pumps. I've seen mixed information on if the filter should be before or after. After seems pointless because it just goes back into the tank.
This is a view from front to back. There was a lot of stuff packed in there. I made it work though and I'm pretty happy with it.

Another view. I used hard lines to connect the power beyond port of the hydraulic valve to the electro hydraulic valve.

Here you can see the underside along with the belt tension. I didn't design this one beforehand. It's just came up with something that works alright.
Because of spacer issues, I needed one blade control handle which sits in between the two drive handles. 

I bought some 1/2" thick wall tubing so I could hide the wires in it.
Started with a chuck of aluminum.
I bored it out to protect the switch a little bit.

I flipped it over, gave it a taper and taped the hole.
Flipped it back over and gave it a little polish.
Drill and taped 4 holes for the switch cap.

I made a cap.

Completed handle. It's an On-Off-ON Momentary Switch