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Last Few Things Before Final Test

At one time, I was going to use the main tank for hydraulic oil and fuel. I was going to partition is and seal it but that was going to be a lot of work. And I wanted the most oil I could fit for cooling purposes.
I was going to mount the fuel tank in the grill area but with the new engine being longer, I couldn't find a commercially available tank that would fit. So I had to make my own.

I cut some 4" tubing and welded in some bungs.
Tig welded the caps.
Split in two to clear the valve cover.

Used angle iron to join them together.
You can see them tucked behind the grill. They are joined on the bottom by a T fitting before they run to the engine. I can fill from either side but the left side has a sight glass. I was fairly happy with how it worked out.
Finished the floor pans. I found those boots on ebay.

Added a kill switch for the rider.

Beveled the drive sprockets.