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Paint Delay Due To Snow

On my way home from testing, my Dad called me to tell me that he was watching the news and we were supposed to get a decent amount of snow on New Years eve. Told me I might want to hold off on taking it apart if I wanted to play with it in the snow.

We ended up getting about 15" on New Years day. I just sprayed it down with WD40 to try and keep rust at bay. You'll notice in the second video, I get hung up on the concrete. If the plow would have broken away, that wouldn't have been an issue but I hadn't installed the stronger springs yet so I left it locked. Once I bump the blade up though, it keeps on pushing. I pretty much exceed the capacity of the blade.

I have to say it was a lot of fun playing in the snow. And it sure as hell beat shoveling all of it.

The winter ended up being one of the worst in Chicago history. I kept it together longer than I would like but I was anxious to get it painted.

After plowing some 70" of snow that season, I finally took it apart in March of 2014.