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Finally Time For Some Paint

Original Model Twenty Twos are all yellow. Everything. Even the tracks. But mine were black rubber. I wasn't sure how that would look. I also wondered if I should paint it grey like a Model Ten. So I did some renderings to see what I would like.

I wanted the underframe powder coated for durability but I wanted the body panels painted because I needed to do bodywork to make them look better.

After much debate, I settled on the first picture. I thought the black tracks with a yellow underframe would look weird.

After I disassembled it, I gave it over to my Dad to do the body work. He used to do that in a past life. At the same time, I handed the undercarriage parts over to a local powder coater.

Fresh out of the oven.

Once we got the frame back, we put the panels on one last time to make sure everything was good to go.

I also made a little rotisserie for flipping the frame over.

More prep.

Had parts hanging and ready to go.

 Now we obviously didn't use a paint booth. The main point of sharing this project is to show that you don't exactly need high tech equipment to build one. I built this out of my two car garage and painted it in my Dad's garage. I relied on a machine shop for very few parts and that was mainly to save me some time. We did our best to keep dust down and what did get in was wet sanded out. I wasn't looking for a show quality finish because it was going to get beat up by the kids and it was going to get used as intended.

Small track frame parts hanging out to dry.
Letting the panels get some sun.
I had a few last minute parts show up as well. The budget went out the window a long time ago so I figured I'd get some nice panels made for the switches. This place online was real nice. Easy design software and the prices weren't too bad. And they let me order just one of each.

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