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Getting Ready For A Test Run

I was pretty anxious to see this thing move. I had a few more things to do to make this happen. I didn't take a lot of pictures because I was trying to get it done.

Finish Welded The Frame. This is one piece. Weighs about 250lbs.
Welding together the control linkage.
Used lock collars to hold it in place. The holes are for grease fittings.

Installed dampers and started installing hoses.
Pump to motor hoses.
Rigged up a temporary oil tank and fuel tank as well as a start and kill switch.
Also had to finish up the belt tensioners (not shown).

I busted ass over Memorial Day weekend and was able to do this.

Caterpiller mini dozer crawel

The first few run videos.


It was pretty cool to see it under it's own power. Few things to note so far. It goes faster than I want it to. And it was pretty bumpy on concrete. I kind of expected that since it is a rigid frame. It's smooth on grass though.

I still had a lot of work ahead of me.