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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Yet Another Long Overdue Update

Haven't posted anything since March. The garage addition was an overwhelming project that wasn't exactly exciting. However, it was necessary to give me more space for future projects. Now that it is mostly behind me, I'm ready to start working on projects again. I hope that my posts become more regular again.

I've received many questions about the weld positioner in regards to the amount of weight it can handle and how it functions when exposed to high frequency noise. I've created the following video to answer some of those questions.

I do plan to get back to the dump truck build. Along with the garage addition, I really wanted to build a cnc plasma table to help manufacture a lot of the pieces for it. The plasma table is almost complete and I will share that build very soon.

I also plan to make a small go kart for my children first. I want a small project to get my motivation back after the addition. I'm making a square tubing bender for it and I'll be using a snowblower engine that I found in the garbage.

All of this will hopefully be shared in the near future.