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Monday, August 3, 2015

The New Build Begins....

I've had a renewed interest in my Jeep lately. And I've been offroading twice this summer so far. That's more than past years. Wanting to do some upgrades, I purchased a Chevy 14 bolt full float axle from the junkyard a few weeks ago. I was planning to find a Dana 60 for the front. Don't really need that much axle but I like building things. Obviously.

However, I haven't stopped thinking about the mini truck build. I have more ideas and ambition than I have time or money. The design has stalled a little because of the lack of parts. Like the dozer, I need to know what parts I'm going to use so I can model it properly.

I need to start from the back and move forward to know how much cab space I'm going to have. And I struggled with what I was going to do about the axle. As I was sitting there looking at the 14 bolt, it dawned on my. I needed a fairly narrow axle but I wanted the outer bearing support of a full float axle the handle the dual tire setup. So I went back to the junk yard yesterday and picked up the narrowest axle I could find; a 2wd axle from an S10. I have a plan to graft them together. I'm going to start modeling it in cad and will explain more soon.