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Putting It To Use

Now that it was done, it was time to use it. I like things to look nice, but I don't like things that sit under a cover, never to be used as it was intended.

Playing around at my brother's house. No, I didn't make that large pile.
Got it a little muddy.
This is behind my shed at the back of my yard. I store my trailer here. It was starting to look like crap.

Much better.
I'm glad I put a receiver tube on it because once I get back from the landscape material supplier, I unhook the trailer from my Jeep and hook it to the dozer. Then I can take the trailer to the back yard and unload the gravel. No multiple wheelbarrow trips.

I also did some trenching this summer. I buried about 130' of 4" pipe to help with a drainage issue. I also helped two of my neighbors bury their sump pump discharge lines. Each time, I used the dozer to push the fill back in the trench. The last time, I finally took a video.

This little dozer was only supposed to be a toy when I first decided to build it however it has exceeded my expectations in regards to the work it can do.