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Body Panels Part 2

Next up was mounting the tank. I needed to make some tabs similar to the actual dozer tank.

Started out by cutting some blanks.

Then I made a crude die. I didn't want to spend a ton of time on something I'd only use four times but I wanted the end result to look good.

Not shown is a piece of angle iron that I attached to the bottom of the tank. I used it for additional support. 

Then I welded on the mounts and drilled the holes.

After I finished mounting the tank, I started on the front end. I formed it in the same way I did the tank. The scrap panels weren't long enough so I had to piece some sections in.

Next step was the frame the grill mesh piece. I decided to use 1/2" square tubing but I would need a bender. So I made one. I didn't have a rotary table and my lathe didn't take off a ton of material at once so I used my indexing chuck to take out the bulk of the material.

Then I finished it on the lathe.

These are all of the pieces. Again, a little crude but it worked. 

In hindsight,  I shouldn't have bolted it to my mill but live and learn. Nothing got damaged but still not a good idea.

 I needed to make some grill slats. I was really going to a consistent, factory look so another tool was made. The slats were going to be made from 1/2" x 1/8" bar. So I took a 1" x 1" chunk of steel and cut it in half on the band saw. Then I milled a 1/2" wide groove on each half.

Then I welded them back up and chucked it in the lathe.

Then made a fixture for constant bends.

I put the piece in until it hits the bar and then I clamp it in place. Then I rotate the bar until it hits the tube. Then I flip it over and rotate the other way until it hits the tube.

Finished end on a sample piece.

Top slat mounting rail.

Bottom slat mounts. They were 5 individual pieces but I milled them at once. The look I'm going for is similar to the real dozer.

Started mounting slats. 

Spacers for constancy. 

Finished product with the mesh. I was pretty happy with it.

Next up....the hood.....